Thursday, January 03, 2008


Happy Birthday Jesus!

It was a blessed Christmas! One of my least stressful to date. And that's mostly due to me coming to grips in November with the fact that we weren't going to be able to do much in the way of gifting, and that i wasn't going to have time to finish knitting the sweater and have time to knit any other gifts. so i finished the sweater for Doug with a week till Christmas, and simply used the extra time to appreciate the reason for the season! It was wonderful!


I gave it to him with a card that said: "what does love look like?" (open card) "48,148 stitches! Merry Christmas & We love you!" I am so glad he liked it...and it fit him!

The yarn is 100% alpaca. The pattern is the top down sweater from knitting fool. There was only a little pooling, at the elbows, which sort of looks cool. You can see some color blocking from the different skeins, all said the same dye lot number though,....I didn't worry about it because of the over all pattern in the yarn. Doug didn't seem to mind either, he even modeled it for us Christmas morning!

And I think he'd kill me if he knew I just put that pic on the net!!! tee hee! :)

Other than that, the new year seems to be plugging away already. I am looking forward to the older kids going back to school Monday and giving me some time to work on my etsy!

Happy New Year!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Wow! time has flown!

well Joseph is 7and a half months now! and as you can tell, i don't have much time to blog. but that is okay. i spend my time doing other wonderful things, like holding an amazing baby boy, and knitting! I am currently working on two projects: 1. a sweater for my fil that is taking for-ev-er!!! but he is worth every stitch. i am actually almost done, only the sleeves to finish...and blocking. and 2. a scarf for a silent auction fundraiser for the lottie moon offering at church. i mostly started the scarf so i would have something to knit when the above stated fil was in the room (and with family gathering around turkeyday, that was a bit of time), but when i decided on the final destination of the scarf i commited to finishing it in time.

but the endever that has taken the biggest chunk of my day today is my etsy! yes, that's right, i now have an etsy! ( It's so fun! I totaly talk about myself in third person and sound like an honest-to-goodness interesting person (which is something i doubt daily)!!! so if you are an etsyer, go check it out, and give me hearts! I will return the favor!

anyhoo- i will post pics of the finished knits as soon as they are off the needles! hope your thanksgiving was full of thanks! :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


7 weeks go by fast!

Joseph is seven weeks old today! It's looking like he will have brown hair and blue eyes. And according to my new bathroom scale he is about 14 lbs! I'm still unsure where the last 7 weeks have gone! It feels like I just found out I was pregnant; but in the same instant I can't imagine life without him!
I also don't quite feel like myself, I think it's because I haven't even touched a knitting needle in over 2 months!!! Most of my free time has been spent baby-holding (which is great) but i think it's time to grab some yarn!
I ordered some yarn online yesterday, atacama alpaca, for a christmas present for my dad-in-love. hopefuly it will turn out to be a sweater; but with as little knitting as I have done this year, it might only be half a sweater come christmas time! Only time will tell. :)

Monday, April 23, 2007


2lbs. in 2 weeks!!!

That's right! The big boy is getting even bigger! :) Joseph had his two week check up today (even though he's two and a half weeks old) and he weighs 10lbs. 7oz.!!! Thats a full 2 lbs more than his birth weight, in two weeks! His doctor said it was nearly unheard of for babys to gain so much so fast, especialy on a breastmilk only diet. I hope that just means the extra 20lbs I need to lose are coming off fast! :)

Other than being a good eater, Joseph is a happy healthy boy!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


He's Here!!!

I know, I know! I'm really late in posting this, but I've finaly found the time/ here it is:

Joseph Douglas arrived via c-section at 7:55am on April 4th! He was 8lbs 7oz, 21 1/2 inches long. Its been a crazy (almost) two weeks. The pain from the surgery was pretty bad, but the pain meds made me way too sleepy all the time. We got home from the hospital on the saturday after his birth; made it to church the next day (it was easter for crying out loud, I had to go!); and we haven't left the house since (stairs plus new baby equals not many outings)! I started feeling a cold coming on last wednesday, and now we are all praying that baby doesn't come down with RSV! Joseph is a good sleeper (5hr blocks at night!), a great eater, and a little cuddle bug! but my biggest struggle is keeping the over zealous big kids at bay! They could probably 'love him' to death if i didn't keep a constant eye on them. Which doesn't make resting very easy. ...speaking of lack of rest, i think i'm rambling...yup, I'm rambling, it must be time to go. :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007



Tomorrow, Tomorrow
I Love ya, Tomorrow
You're only a day away!!!

So, I should be out of surgery and back in my room by noon, if anyone wants to know! :)
oh! and prayers would be much appreciated, ...especially after it took 2 techs and 3 collapsed veins just to get my pre-op labs done yesterday!

Saturday, March 24, 2007


The Count Down Begins...

10 1/2 Days untill we meet the Beeb! :)
[btw, that means a scheduled c-section on the morning of April 4th!]

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