Wednesday, May 23, 2007


7 weeks go by fast!

Joseph is seven weeks old today! It's looking like he will have brown hair and blue eyes. And according to my new bathroom scale he is about 14 lbs! I'm still unsure where the last 7 weeks have gone! It feels like I just found out I was pregnant; but in the same instant I can't imagine life without him!
I also don't quite feel like myself, I think it's because I haven't even touched a knitting needle in over 2 months!!! Most of my free time has been spent baby-holding (which is great) but i think it's time to grab some yarn!
I ordered some yarn online yesterday, atacama alpaca, for a christmas present for my dad-in-love. hopefuly it will turn out to be a sweater; but with as little knitting as I have done this year, it might only be half a sweater come christmas time! Only time will tell. :)

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