Thursday, January 03, 2008


Happy Birthday Jesus!

It was a blessed Christmas! One of my least stressful to date. And that's mostly due to me coming to grips in November with the fact that we weren't going to be able to do much in the way of gifting, and that i wasn't going to have time to finish knitting the sweater and have time to knit any other gifts. so i finished the sweater for Doug with a week till Christmas, and simply used the extra time to appreciate the reason for the season! It was wonderful!


I gave it to him with a card that said: "what does love look like?" (open card) "48,148 stitches! Merry Christmas & We love you!" I am so glad he liked it...and it fit him!

The yarn is 100% alpaca. The pattern is the top down sweater from knitting fool. There was only a little pooling, at the elbows, which sort of looks cool. You can see some color blocking from the different skeins, all said the same dye lot number though,....I didn't worry about it because of the over all pattern in the yarn. Doug didn't seem to mind either, he even modeled it for us Christmas morning!

And I think he'd kill me if he knew I just put that pic on the net!!! tee hee! :)

Other than that, the new year seems to be plugging away already. I am looking forward to the older kids going back to school Monday and giving me some time to work on my etsy!

Happy New Year!

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