Sunday, November 25, 2007


Wow! time has flown!

well Joseph is 7and a half months now! and as you can tell, i don't have much time to blog. but that is okay. i spend my time doing other wonderful things, like holding an amazing baby boy, and knitting! I am currently working on two projects: 1. a sweater for my fil that is taking for-ev-er!!! but he is worth every stitch. i am actually almost done, only the sleeves to finish...and blocking. and 2. a scarf for a silent auction fundraiser for the lottie moon offering at church. i mostly started the scarf so i would have something to knit when the above stated fil was in the room (and with family gathering around turkeyday, that was a bit of time), but when i decided on the final destination of the scarf i commited to finishing it in time.

but the endever that has taken the biggest chunk of my day today is my etsy! yes, that's right, i now have an etsy! ( It's so fun! I totaly talk about myself in third person and sound like an honest-to-goodness interesting person (which is something i doubt daily)!!! so if you are an etsyer, go check it out, and give me hearts! I will return the favor!

anyhoo- i will post pics of the finished knits as soon as they are off the needles! hope your thanksgiving was full of thanks! :)

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